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needing poetry for a wedding
Working on the next vignette for "...Best..." and I'm wondering if anyone can supply a piece of poetry or verse that would be suitable as a reading for a wedding. I'm trying to avoid the overused "Love is" verses from the Bible.

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Re: Apache Wedding Blessing

Nice...reminds me of the one we used for our wedding, but given our different locale I believe it was a Huron prayer and it started something like "O Great Spirit". When we watched the video afterwards we joked that it sounded like we were launching a ship,lol.

Anyway, thanks for responding...Justine sent me a link to a variety of readings that I think has what I'm looking for...if of course I decide to go this route. I'm still trying to create the scenario and I was looking to have details settled if the scenes plays out with Daniel actually doing the reading.

thanks again.

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