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Some thoughts on "Moebius Squared" by Jo Graham and Melissa Scott

So, as I’ve mentioned before, one of my favourite authors is Jo Graham. Her historical “Numinous World” series is fabulous. She writes historical just as I would by presenting the societies she’s using as they historically were, not just how our modern society sees them. She also happens to write SG for Fandemonium...specifically for Atlantis. I understand The Legacy series that she’s been a co-author on has been quite well received. So when she announced that she and Melissa Scott were collaborating on an SG1 novel I was thrilled. It was finally released back in December, but I only managed to get the e-book version downloaded at the end January. So now that I’ve finished it I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about it.

I’ve been eager to read it was a time-travel piece involving the S8 team from Moebius and the post-Continuum team...and I love time travel and there are not enough Fandemonium books that include Cam and Vala.

Over the course of the last year she would occasionally share small snippets on her LJ. While they really didn’t give much away (obviously,lol) there were a couple of things that caused me some concern, but I was willing to let just wait and see. The one that bothered me the most was a timeline discrepancy...she had Daniel’s accident in Atlantis happening just before Continuum...and given that Sam had only just returned from Atlantis at the beginning of Continuum...that means that Daniel did the excursion to Atlantis while Sam was still in command...which she wasn’t. Plus...she had him recovering in a couple of weeks as opposed to the expected lengthy recovery time he alluded to at the end of Lost Tribe.

I was also concerned right from the start as to how she would present Daniel and Vala post-Continuum, because she’s also a fan of Farscape and I’ve usually found that fans of John and Aeryn have a hard time not letting that relationship bleed into SG. And once again I was correct. Right from the moment the post-Continuum team cross paths in ancient Egypt with the Moebius team Cam is shown as much more tolerant of Vala than Daniel is. As a matter of fact there is very little interaction between S10 Daniel and Vala in the whole book. I was amused by ‘Moebius’ Daniel’s (identified in the storyline as ‘Danyel’) reaction to the appearance of Vala on the S10 team though....something like “you’re definitely from a different reality if she’s part of the team.” lol

In fairness she did present Vala as a competent, trusted part of the team, so that was good.

I liked the backstory she gave “Moebius’ Sam (who is identified as Sam where as S10 Sam is identified as Carter) to explain the differences between AU Sam and S10 Sam. In AU Sam’s life her mother didn’t die, Jacob did, in combat...which is why AU Sam didn’t go into the military (after losing Jacob, her mother forbade her from joining the Air Force). Jo is a big fan of Sam so the story is very Sam-oriented.

The story itself was okay. I quite enjoyed the back and forth conflict sequences during the latter part of the book, they were really well co-ordinated and described. Cam’s reaction to the crocodile that he and Sam encountered was mildly amusing. I wasn’t too taken with the major plotpoint that pretty much the entire story hung on. I saw it coming about two or three pages before it was revealed and it made me roll my eyes when it was confirmed. Maybe it’s because I’m not too fond of the Tok’ra who are connected with that plotpoint.

Overall, I’d say “Moebius Squared” was okay. I still prefer “Roswell”. It didn’t have the laugh-out loud moments that “Roswell” did. And it obviously didn’t have any implied DV ‘ship’.

I do wonder though, if MGM has to approve of both the Fandemonium books and Big Finish’s audiobooks then why can’t the books have same level of DV ‘ship’ as the audiobooks?  

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That's funny. One reason I DON'T ship Cam/Vala is because I'm such a strong John/Aeryn fan. To me, Cam/Vala would just be John/Aeryn lite. If one is to ship Cam and Vala, it should be born of the belief that Cam and Vala really fit each other--not that Browder and Black are cute together. Sure, they do make a gorgeous pairing. But I've always needed more than that to ship a pairing. And it's not like Shanks and Black are hard on the eyes. ;)

I read a spoiler Season 10 that indicated the series was going to put Cam and Vala together. I was soooooo mad. I even said at the time I didn't want "Farscape lite." This was a different series. Then Memento Mori aired. And Unending. And this John/Aeryn shipper was THRILLED.

Back on topic--I haven't read Roswell yet, and I still can't make up my mind on Moebius Squared. I did see on the author's LiveJournal that she was at least interested in Vala-centric story at some point? That might be fun. :)

As far as the audiobooks go...I wonder if it's a case of BFA knowing their audience? Even the download-only version of those productions are more expensive than a novel and e-book. Maybe BFA knows that only big Daniel/Vala fans are going to shell out that much $ (especially since it's it's only the two of them--no team). So they make sure they keep them happy. Just a thought that might explain the extra level of shippy goodness in BFA's stuff.

I'm sure there are others that don't ship C/V for the same reason you don't, but there are just as many who can't(or don't want to) transition Browder and Black to any other pairings.

I really enjoyed Roswell. It was the first SG book I read and I got it specifically because it included Cam and Vala. As much as I'm big fan of RDA(and Jack by extension), I'd read enough fanfic pieces that always had Jack rescuing Daniel and I'd read reviews of other SG novels that sounded pretty much like the same scenario, so I purposely avoided them because the presenting of Daniel as young, incompetent and needing rescuing has always annoyed me. And there were a couple of really great 'laugh-out-loud' moments in Roswell.

Oh yeah Jo is a big fan of Vala. She even put the persona in her newest series(actually all the main characters have familiar voices,lol). I don't think she's got any interest in the DV 'ship' though...her focus would be S/J.

Yeah, but my point about BFA was that if MGM has to approve of what BFA does like they have to approve what Fandemonium publishes then shouldn't we be able to get just as much DV in the Fandemonium books as we get from BFA?

Perhaps. But since the whole team can be present in the novels, whereas they can't on the audios, I guess they're trying not to alienate the fans of gen. Shrug. That's all I've got, anyway.

Oh...I see what you're saying. Yeah, it could be that they're keeping the largest group of fans involved by keeping the least expensive material...the books, strictly gen. Actually I quite like the idea that we're getting catered to,lol.

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